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Financial Planning & Advisory Services


Celeste's strategy function is a new-age service function specifically designed to help ambitious entrepreneurs to benefit from management concepts like working capital management, NPV analysis, JIT implementation and others. These concepts benefit every organization irrespective of its size and nature. 

Why do we need a cost & finance strategy for a successful business?

The new-age entrepreneurs need to move beyond traditional methods of cost reduction to a more detailed and sophisticated concept of cost management. Strategically managing financial resources and costs will open a wide range of opportunities which leads to higher growth and returns on capital.

Why should you strategize your business's cost & finance function?

Why do we need SCFM strategy?

Decision makers will be in a better position to make informed choices

Increased growth prospects due to professional analysis of opportunities

Efficient cash flow management

Developing of performance evaluation and control mechanism

Exploring synergies due to vertical & horizontal business integration

What we offer?

What we offer?

We at Celeste, possess relevant knowledge and experience to efficiently complete our tasks. We follow a practical research-driven approach to produce a relevant solution which delivers results for our clients. We have divided our SCFM function services for a limpid understanding:

  • Advise an efficient working capital management strategy for strategic management of cash flow and to support business strategy;

  • Provide assistance in negotiations with banks and suppliers ensuring reasonable costs and interest cost;

  • Assist in implementing cost management techniques like JIT, Kaizen, value engineering etc. for increased efficiency of operations;

  • Advising on utilization of financial resources for maximizing returns; 

  • Provide specific assistance as per your needs.

  • Perform financial feasibility and sensitivity studies of projects for a comprehensive view about various growth opportunities;

  • Prepare a extensive pricing strategy for products and services; 

  • Perform performance evaluation techniques like balanced scorecard, TBL etc. for reviewing and revising business strategy;

  • Perform corporate valuations for creating informed financial goals, business strategies and marketing objectives; and

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If you wish to take informed and professional decisions which lead to higher growth of your business, please contact us on +91 9967 266 837/ +91 9082 085 465 or email us at for scheduling a meeting.

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