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Tax Compliances


Celeste's Tax compliance functions in coherence with our tax advisory function ensure smooth integration of services and increased efficiency.

Tax compliances function basically is adhering to various requirements put upon by tax legislation.

The recent application of GST and changes in the Income tax act have reduced the compliance burden on small assesses and taxpayers whereas has increased the burden on medium to large assesses (in terms of turnover size). 


Having an in-house compliance team can be expensive and the team sometimes may need the help of experts like us to solve complex issues. Hence, it is advisable to take the services of experts which results in saving of time and resources.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your business compliances to us? 

Benefits of partnering with us

 Partnering with us for compliances will reap following benefits:

Lets you focus on core areas of your business or job

Provide professional assistance for responding to various notices and demands of tax departments

Ensures effective implementation of your tax strategy

Save money in form of zero payment for fines & penalties for non-compliance

What we offer?

What we offer?

We at Celeste, possess relevant knowledge and experience to efficiently complete our tasks. We follow a practical research-driven approach to produce a relevant solution which delivers results for our clients. We have divided our SCFM function services for a limpid understanding:

  • Registrations for tax purposes (PAN/ GST/ TAN)

  • Assist in preparing returns (Income tax, GST, TDS/TCS etc.)

  • Certify various transaction for tax purpose (15CA/CB for foreign remittances, Net worth certificates for banks etc.)

  • Assist in preparing tax audit reports (Income Tax & GST)

  • Prepare responses to notices from tax departments (Income Tax & GST)

  • Assist in preparation for submissions to assessments and appeals for disputed matters (Income Tax & GST)

  • International tax reporting requirements for Country by country reporting (Form 3CEDA etc.), transfer pricing forms etc.  

  • International tax compliances like TRC applications etc. 

We at Celeste, are committed to perform our functions honestly and ethically. We strive to give our clients a seamless experience by performing our functions within time and in a professional manner.

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If you wish to take informed and professional decisions which leads to higher growth for your business, contact us at +91 9967 266 837/ +91 9082 085 465 or email us at

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