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Start-up Advisory


Celeste's Start-up advisory function serves young and ambitious start-ups with all necessary support and guidance required to establish itself in the market. 

Why start-ups need expert advisory? 

Entrepreneur desirous to start their own venture is a start-up. We believe any business can outperform in its field with dynamic and correct strategies. This is exactly where we come in; We wish to associate with them and ensure that they are able to sustain and grow on the basis of dynamic business strategy. 

​As any business suffers from losses and struggles with gaining market recognition initially, we offer our support and knowledge to be better prepared for uncertainties and be able to tackle them strategically.

What we offer?

What we offer?

At Celeste, our start-up advisory function helps young and ambitious entrepreneurs in formulating strategies which will convert their idea into a workable business model. We assist them in the following manner:

  • Help them with SWOT analysis of the organization & industry

  • Assist in preparation of pitch presentations for raising capital

  • Assist them with formulation of Business & Functional level strategy

  • Manage the finance function by undertaking active role in accounting, auditing & banking transactions

  • Help in relationship building in the industry and also explore synergies among our clients

  • Analyze & advice on new business opportunities

  • Milestone based performance evaluation and revision of strategy

  • Perform valuation advisory for fund raising rounds

We understand the concern of a new entrepreneur not being able to afford expert services. We tend to focus on building long-term relationships rather than focusing on maximizing our billable hours. Our goal is to deliver results and perceive change; we have a unique fee structure which is specifically designed for young start-ups keeping in mind their budgetary constraints. We assure to bring with us investment-worthy value propositions for your business idea. 

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Relationship with us corroborates sustenance and growth as we strive to the fullest to turn your idea into a reality. Please feel free to reach out to us for scheduling a meeting.  

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