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Tax Strategy & Advisory


Celeste's tax advisory function helps you in crafting a custom-made tax strategy which optimizes your growth and business. We possess extensive knowledge and understanding of the Income Tax Act (Indian & International tax); GST Act (Indian Indirect Taxes) and FEMA. With such comprehensive knowledge, we are fully equipped to professionally perform our functions. 

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What is a tax strategy?

A Tax strategy is a plan of action for reducing taxes, regardless of your business or investment situation. It is a strategy crafted ethically and morally to ensure you pay the least amount of tax allowable by law. 

What benefits will accrue from planning & implementing a tax startegy?

Benefits of a tax strategy

Saves money in form of lower tax payments

It helps in structuring business and personal income & spending

Tax strategy serves you to achieve your financial goals

It helps in realizing a better return on capital/ investments 

It helps in realizing a better return on capital/ investments 

What we offer? 

What we offer?

Craft a tax strategy which minimizes your tax expense

Sharing accurate tax knowledge for better decision making

Tax implications on M&A transactions

Decoding tax incentives offered by the government for businesses and providing turnkey solutions for its implementation

International tax strategy viz. DTAA interpretation, cross-border transactions, NRI taxation, FTAs analysis etc. 

Contact us

Contact us

For shifting tax from an expense to an asset contact us on + 91 9967 266 837/ 9082 085 465 or email us at 

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