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Virtual CFO Services

Introduction to CFO services

What is CFO services and who should avail it? 

Celeste's CFO function is simply performing all the functions which a CFO performs in a big corporation. 

This function is specific to those organisations which are desirous of growing and who feel the need to hire an expert for managing their finance function in an efficient manner so that the managing team can focus on their core area and strengthen their products or services. 

Celeste, being a team of professionals, possesses the knowledge and experience of managing the finance function. It is just like outsourcing non-value adding service but which requires expert care for the growth of your business. 

Why should you partner with us? 

What we offer?

We briefly outline some of the services performed under the CFO function for your better understanding:

  • Managing all aspects of accounting and finance

  • Raising/ Restructuring of Bank Loans

  • Obtaining Private Capital

  • Management of cash flow and costs

  • Assistance in communicating with potential acquirers, targets, or collaborators

  • Designing, improving, and documenting business processes

  • Assisting in the provision of operational support;

  • Reporting from the board and management

  • Budgeting, forecasting, financial analytics, and sensitivity analysis

  • Establish, maintain, and improve governance guidelines

We always tend to provide our services when we see value addition to our client's business and that is why, we are different from traditional consulting and compliance firms. We consider our values to be the core of our existence and adhere to them in all given situations. 

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To take your organizations growth higher, contact us at + 91 9967 266 837/ +91 9082 085 465 or email us at

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