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A Boutique Business Consultancy Firm

Providing specialist support to your organization


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What We Offer




Tax compliances

We assist our clients with all the requirements, stipulated under Income Tax Act & GST Act which saves their time and resources. 

Start-up advisory

We partner with start-ups to ensure their sustainability and growth. We provide them with all our expertise in managing finances, accounting & crafting a business strategy. 

Tax Advisory

We help our clients in preparing a tax strategy that ensures the least tax payable legally and morally. 

Financial Planning & Advisory Services

We help our clients in applying new-age cost & finance management techniques in their business models which ensures increased growth and returns. 

CFO services

​We onload business's finance function and provide comprehensive services to manage it. We ensure that you focus all your time & energy in the core business management. For a detailed understanding of our offering, please click here.

CFO services

​We onload the business's finance function and provide comprehensive services to manage it. We will ensure that all your time & energy are focused on the core business management. 

Why Us


Continuous learners

In this era of the 21st Century, everything is dynamic and fast-changing. In order to provide better advice to our clients, we continuously update ourselves with the latest developments in the domestic and global economy. 

Continuous learning enables us to accurately analyze business processes and operations which leads to an effective and efficient strategy formulation.

Young & Smart-working 

We are a team of young and passionate professionals. We are aware of our actions and consciously focus on doing things right. Our team has a comprehensive experience of over 4 years in the fields of taxation, Cost management & Business strategy. 

We at Celeste are smart enough and consider time as one of the most important assets, which makes us more efficient in managing it and our resources, leading to timely and effective project solutions and service quality.

In-house Research Teams

Our in-house research team is comprised of well-experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the industry. 

We conduct extensive research, analyze and prepare value propositions following a practical research-driven approach to solving business challenges and enhancing business processes. 

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